WGL|South Hampton NYC 2021

Walls:  Concrete finish throughout 

DF|South Hampton, NY 2020

Entryway:   Concrete finish on walls throughout

Art Wall:  Glazed Rippled Aperture

Feature Wall:  Concrete Defragmented Herringbone (top of stairs)

Art Work: RiverRun (outdoor/patio)

Stella Bleu|SpringField,Ohio 2019

Feature Walls:  CrossHatch Plaster Wallpaper | Burnt Copper 

WOLFE|Upper Eastside, NYC 2016

Entryway: Silver Leaf  ceiling and white Venetian Plaster walls 

Kitchen:   Silver Leaf walls and edge on tray ceiling

Family Room:  Venetian Plaster walls with white Raindrop pattern

Hallway and Back Room:  Grey Linen Glaze on walls

Prosthodontics Dentistry|NYC 2016

Art Work 

Walls:  Venetian Plaster